10 Marketing Videos That Will Attract Your Dream Clients + Increase Your Revenue

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  • 10 Marketing Videos to attract your clients and build your brand. 

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It's not the talented that win alone, it's those with a strategy, plan, and execution! In this guide, I show you 10 marketing videos that help you be more visible so that you can attract more clients. This guide helps you plan and execute your success harnessing the power and persuasion of video content.


Here’s what I KNOW: I’ve been creating and producing videos and online content for more than 13 years...long before anyone realized online video was the fastest way to connect with your audience and grow your business. 


I consult with iconic brands, universities, and experts on how to create powerful video content marketing and online learning that positions them as the stellar brands they are and magnifies their message. 


I’ve created and launched my own successful marketing videos to sell my 4 books, courses, coaching programs, and even a documentary film. 


I’ve helped visionary and passionate consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs like you figure out WHAT to say, WHO to offer it to, and HOW to STANDOUT in an online sea of sameness by being MORE of you, using what's in your hands (most of my clients are already well skilled, they just need to OWN it and SHOW their brilliance to more people).


I am here to help you take BOLD action and OWN your spotlight, so you can be recognized by the people you are meant to impact. And, to do that you need to design video content that help your ideal people get the results they want and see YOU as their only solution.


That’s exactly what I'm going to be sharing in this free guide.


Are you ready? Then welcome to your next level! 


Creator, Produce Your Own Brand Academy,

Stop the Scroll Video Marketing Method,

and President of KORIS Media



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