Are You Ready To Own Your Spotlight and Learn How to Quickly Create Video Content that Will Leverage & Save Time, Reach More of Your Dream Clients, and Increase Your Revenue? 


Experts, Consultants, Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Leaders ...This Is For YOU



Stop the Scroll Video Marketing Method includes everything you need to know to start quickly creating consistent video content to make your business heard, felt ,and seen to those you want to work with. I will teach you how to reach your business and life goals by showing up well and leveraging your time through the power of video.


Why learn how to create video content now?

You can grow your consulting or coaching business faster.


People don’t buy products, they buy the people behind the product and their results. So when you create videos that demonstrate who you are and what you know consistently, you accelerate your efforts - which results in more growth in less time.





You can attract clients,

not chase them.



When you create videos that really show who you are, what you do, shares your story, and demonstrates how you are different, what happens next is amazing… You attract exactly the types of clients YOU want. Video content done consistently builds a loyal following of potential clients that turn into customers. Key words - authentic and consistent.


You can create a 24/7 marketing and branding machine 

No matter where we are, we all have our phones within hands reach (or in hand). Our phone screens have become the new "stage" for business and connection. That means that even while you are sleep, your videos will become your own marketing and sales team - connecting you with potential clients, students, or opportunities and selling your products or services. And the more video content you have, the better!



You can duplicate yourself

and your message, serve more people, and reclaim your time.

You can leverage what you're already teaching or doing and scale your one-on-one results to group results – transforming the lives of more people in less time. Your video content can not only build an audience, but it can provide an “evergreen” source of revenue, and an unlimited stream of “mailbox money” as my Dad used to say (sales that arrive in your inbox). 

Stop the Scroll Video Marketing Method™ gives you an ‘in house video marketing and production team in a box’, shaving off hours of hard work & precious time because we're giving you a system and the tools you need to work smarter, not harder. 


Hi, I'm



My superpower is that I have x-ray vision to see and then elevate others in a way that allows them to authentically shine and cross over to their next level - which is why I'm known as The Brand Producer.  I show experts and entrepreneurs how to elevate and monetize their brand and business using video content and digital marketing so they can consistently get paid WELL for what they know.


In the first year of launching my business, I started with ONE video and generated five figures of income in under 6 months (this was in 2007 when no one even understood the power of social media yet). That video opened the door for me to create my own media company, write 4 books, a film, online courses, and create content which helps people all over the globe . I live and breathe the mindset of "Produce Your Own Brand", because that's what I've always done my entire life.



    I am one of the few experts that teaches about branding and positioning through video content creation and digital marketing  that actually is a producer and director and has in-the-field and onset production experience creating video content, film, and courses for iconic brands (end-to-end), selling my own branded content, and working with top-tiered experts like you to create and launch your own brand utilizing video.



    Simply put, I've got receipts! What I teach, I've lived.



    Throughout my career, I've worked with many of the most recognized brands and thought leaders in the world as a consultant and coach in a very intimate space - showing them how to elevate their brand and position themselves through packaging their expertise in courses and marketing themselves through video content.



    I’ve also held the very trusted space of maintaining the images of some of the most dynamic entertainers in the world. I’ve seen first hand what it takes to connect with people through a lens, and I know stars when I see them. I love working with dynamic leaders and what I call my everyday celebrities who have a great message or product that’s meant to impact the world, and who just need the right producer to help them own their spotlight. 



    I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t.

    My journey began with this nagging feeling that I need to shift in my career.


    I was at the height of my career as a celebrity makeup and hair artist, and traveling every week to consult with all kinds of diverse clients as well as consulting for cosmetic powerhouse L'oreal. In fact, I remember the exact moment when "that feeling" of needed change became undeniable, because I had just finished some dates on Beyonce's tour while she was a spokesperson for the company.


    On the outside, it looked very glamourous. I was flying all over working with some of the best known celebs in the world. People would say, “that's amazing that you get to do the red carpets and the shows…”


    ..and it was.. until it wasn't.

      I had met the man of my dreams and started a family. 


      Every week, I would get on a plane and leave them for days. 


      I had an amazing young son at home.


      One day while driving, a plane soared across the sky, and my Son with excitement said "look, someone's going to do someone's makeup".


      And I felt like I had been gut punched.


      That moment, right there, I knew I had to make some changes.


      I was done.


      While out of town consulting on a 6 week tour, it all came to a breaking point.


      I went to call my Son to sing him goodnight while on a break, and I noticed a little boy about the same age as my Son with his Mom, eating cotton candy, and having the time of his life while I was on the phone talking to my son.


      I knew I was out of alignment.


      It was on that trip that I decided that I had to reinvent the way I did business.

        To create a business I would love, I realized that I had to shift how I was working and who I was working with. I had to transition from freelance artist to CEO and transfer my knowledge in other ways. 


        After I completed the tour I made my first video showing the before and after results of a product I was using which I got so much results from, I decided to become a partner and sell it. Social media as we know it, had just took over the internet, and I thought, ' Hmm, what if I used this video on social media to share my experience and journey with this product? I could talk to a lot of people at one time!


        Made sense to me.

        I will never forget the excitement I felt imagining "what could happen" if this actually worked. While I didn't understand the magnitude of that moment, I did know that video and branding myself would become my ticket to live the life I wanted.

        I posted my first video, connected a sales link to it, and launched it on Youtube with no subscribers, and on Facebook to chosen people on my friends list..

          Then something amazing happened..


          Sale, after sale came in. In fact, I had so much interest that my next step was creating a video series to explain how the product worked to keep engagement with my new customers, and save the time repeating myself.


          We were so cutting edge and pioneering in using video, social media, and live-streaming  that the owner of the company flew in to meet with my husband and I because he thought we were hackers! They just could not believe you could sell product online with a video. They thought I was a techie, when I had actually just cracked the code by being real to my audience and showing them how to achieve the same results I had.

          I started counting the sales and realized I had just replaced what I was making as a freelance artist in a few months off of the crazy idea of making videos and using social media to find clients. 

          I finally felt in control of my life and in alignment with my family and spirit, and that was JUST the beginning.


            My life had just changed forever . . .

            That one video became the catalyst to build my entire business.



            To leverage the power of video you have to think about both marketing and content creation from the very beginning. Why?


            + There is a big difference between creating videos or being on social media, and creating videos that SELL and CONNECT for you on social media. Successful video content creators reverse engineer their video content working backwards from the results they want in their business and what their clients want from them  (and I can show you how to figure out what this is before you start creating).

            + There are a lot of people making videos, but they are spending too much time to produce them, and they are NOT consistent with their videos.  By now many people know they need to create videos, and they make a random video here and there,  but because they don't truly understand how to make each video count and connect, they are not seeing the results they desire and they waste a lot of time.



            + Most video content misses the mark because it's missing one or more of the 4 critical components that have to be included to create a roadmap that leads your ideal customer to working with you. 


            WHAT SUCCESSFUL 


            DO DIFFERENTLY




            Instead of just making video content, they have a framework that makes them go faster and create predictable success over and over.

            I’ll share with you my framework that will help you identify the right videos to make for the right results and position you as an authority in your industry. 

            When you work backwards from the results you want, you can create video content that leads to a successful business.






            In order to get people to like, know, and trust you, you must earn their trust by showing up consistently. You have to engage people, and demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, and are someone that can help them solve their problem through your solution.

            I’ll show you easy ways you can create massive amounts of content in less time to make sure you  have plenty of content to connect with consistently- placing you top of mind with your clients. 




            Instead of just pointing a phone or camera and shooting,  think about the specific goals you want to achieve in your business, and the transformation you would like to produce for others. Instead of becoming "instafamous" with people who may not be your ideal client, think about creating video content to attract exactly who you want to work with. 

            I’ll show you how to quickly identify your goals with your video content and the right video content to make.





            Most experts become overwhelmed with making videos because it seems like too much to get in front of the camera, know what to say, and how to shoot. By strategically setting up ways to capture video content no matter if you're in your home office, in an office, or on the go, you can make the process seamless,  and truly be in control of your narrative. The right tools and set-up can make it even, dare I say, FUN, to capture your stories and connect with your audience. And that pays off BIG.

            This is for you if...



            You want to grow your business through video, but the process and time it takes becomes overwhelming. You know you need to duplicate your efforts and your message – but there is only so much of you to go around. It’s overwhelming to think about adding a full video production arm to your already busy life. 




            which will create a consistent flow of dream clients on auto-pilot. You realize in todays reality, a successful online presence that is focused on video content and a focused marketing and branding strategy must happen from day one - it's non negotiable.



            You need a video marketing system that can attract your dream clients, fill your pipeline with leads, and deliver your expertise on auto - pilot. You've tried to do videos but got stuck figuring out what to say and what not to say.



            Whether you are looking to create an easier way to achieve your desired results or you are over-worked working one-on-one with clients, you know you want a business that works for you 24/7 and creates freedom. Now more than ever, you realize what's really important to you, and you need a way to create the consistent streams of income that you desire to grow your business.

            YOU ARE READY!


            You're over playing small, and you’re ready to start showing up to the people you are meant to serve and create a brand and business that works for you. You’ve been to YouTube University, attended a host of free webinars, and bought the books. But now more than ever, especially in the state of our world during this pandemic, you realize you must go online with your business.

            Introducing . . .

            STOP THE SCROLL



            a 6 - week virtual academy to create your transformational video content


            Stop the Scroll Video Marketing Method course is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module, released weekly over 5 weeks, includes video, downloadable tools, video content-creation exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to the videos you are producing.


             It's broken down into short, step-by-step learning, so no overwhelm.

            • 5 Video Modules

              Content rich, step-by-step training with your own producer and director, The Brand Producer Brandi Mitchell.

            • Video Scripts
              & Templates

              Simply plug in your message into our scripts and formats to create videos.

            • Video Content Planning Template

              Our signature way of visually seeing and planning your content over multiple weeks.

            • Weekly Live Q & A Video Sessions & Private Facebook Community

              Enjoy, engage and connect directly with Brandi and others, and get feedback on your videos.

            Module 1: How to Create a Clear Brand Message, Identify Your Goals and Audience ... Before You Start Creating Videos

            In this module, we will work through how you confidently decide on your brand message and goals and you will be introduced to the Brand Producers Mindset that will be a game changer in the way you tell your story through video... even before you begin creating your videos. 


            We’ll work through a series of exercises to brainstorm your goals you want to accomplish through video, and narrow in on the right audience so that you speak directly to them and create conversations that convert. 


            You Will Learn:


            • How to identify your brand and business goals and reverse engineer your videos to achieve the results

            • How to use all your past experiences, knowledge, passions, and talents to define a unique brand 

            • How to identify your audience so that your video content calls out to them

            • How to create your own "Brand Script" that you will weave through all your videos to remain on brand.

            Module 2: How to Create a Video Marketing Experience Funnel Which Will Help You Create the Right Videos for the Right Results 

            Next, we’re going to work backwards from your video marketing goals and develop a video marketing framework that will help you reach those goals. I’ll show you how creating your video marketing experience funnel can enable you to accomplish multiple goals through your video content, and how those video can be repurposed over and over again.


            Having a Video Marketing Experience Funnel allows you to be in business 24/7, and connect with your audience, make sales, and have endless leads - continuously.


            You Will Learn:


            • The exact formula that produces brand loyal customers and creates brand authority, lead generation, and converts clicks into cash.

            • Understand your client’s journey and the steps required to buy from you

            • How to determine which videos you can do on your own, and which one's you may want to hire out.

            • Sample video marketing strategies and simple hacks to get started quickly


            Module 3: How to Create Great Video Content Quickly So That You Never Run Out of Video Ideas

            I’m going to show you the step-by-step way that I come up with months of video content, and outline all of my videos.


            More importantly, this is the exact process I use when I work side-by-side with clients who have also launched and generated huge successes and business with their videos.


            We will be using my “Video Content Storyboard” method. It’s a powerful visual planning tool to easily decide on what content to create and include in your video marketing strategy. 


            You Will Learn:

            • How to come up with great ideas and content for your videos that your customers want to see and that will lead them to working with you..

            • How to repurpose content you already have (books, blogs, videos, courses, speeches)

            • My batch content technique that allows you to shoot many videos at one time, maximizing time, money, and resources. 

            • How to decide what is “nice to have” video content and “need to have” video content 

            • How to create a 12 month Content Calendar and get your complete video content calendar finished FAST.

            Module 4: How to Write Simple But Powerful Scripts That Position You As the Authority and are Client Attractive (In fact we give you templates!) 

            Next I'll teach you everything you need to know to create simple compelling video scripts for your business videos. Includes tips for reading with a teleprompter, the bullet point technique and I'm going to provide script templates that you can simply copy and paste your message into. 


            You Will Learn:

            • The 3 point formula you need to include in each video  to get results

            • I'll breakdown a series of videos and their scripts and show you how to easily apply these scripts to your videos or customize and make them your own.

            • The #1 Key to Success With Producing Online Video

            • Tips on using a teleprompter

            Module 5: Production Basics - How to Easily Plan What You Need to do Before, During, and After Your Video Shoots

            Love Filming? Hate Filming? No matter what end of the spectrum you're on, the winning is in the PREPARATION and PLANNING. We are going to show you how to create a seamless production process so that you can easily produce your videos.  I will show you how to create multiple "sets" in your own home or office space, and be ready to shoot video content on a whelm whether in the field or via live videos online. 


            You Will Learn:


            • How to develop a seamless system to organize your video content, shoot in batches, and make the best use of your time.

            • How to set up your own mini studio in your home or office

            • How to determine if you need to DIY (Do it Yourself) or Hire Out help. 

            • What equipment you need to shoot your videos (even on a budget) Equipment List included

            • The various components and finishing touches you can add to your videos to make them look more professional and appealing.

            HEAR FROM OUR 

            STUDENTS + CLIENTS

            Need to define or refine your brand, message, and audience? 

            Brand Script


            We will uncover what makes you unique and put it all on one page as your "script" so that you can stand out even in a crowded market and have understand how to attract your clients and opportunities. 





            Not sure about what video content to create?

            Video Content Brainstorm Exercise


            We will get all of those great video ideas out of your head and even help you discover content you can repurpose so that you can have a generous vault of video content to draw from.  






              CREATE MORE 

              VIDEO CONTENT?

                Have you been waiting to have a social media presence, create a course, finish a book or build your website?


                I've come to know one thing for sure - there's never a "perfect" time to do anything, but there's always a way to miss a moment and procrastinate. 


                Here's what I want to assure you: you don't have to wait for everything to be perfect (including your video) to begin to see major shifts in your business and draw your ideal clients. You just have to say "yes" to more AND START. 



                WHEN YOU JOIN NOW

                Bonus #1: How to GO LIVE and Launch Fast By Doing Live Video! Tips For Launching Your Product, Service or Program on Social Media 

                VALUE: $997

                This is my easy, fast way to launch your product or service using social media.  This is for you if you want to connect quickly with potential clients with a small live launch via social media that can be a launch pad for bigger launches. This can be done without a big email list, and is meant to inject cash into your business.

                Bonus #2: The Ultimate Marketing Checklist -

                Tips to Do Daily, Weekly and Monthly 

                VALUE: $997

                This is my quick, at a glance checklist that allows you to see what you should be doing to market your brand and video content daily, weekly and monthly so that you can build on the momentum your video content creates and make sure your presence is experienced by those you are meant to serve.

                Bonus #3: Deliver Your Branded Speech to Get Clients Now 

                VALUE: $997

                List Building Speaking Presentation  Outline, Example Script Done-for-You Speaking/Presentation outline, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a signature talk based on your brand and signature system and - all Done-for-You!



                Is there a very real persistent, deep feeling that it's time for you to show up and standout, and that there's more for 

                you and your business —a longing to take what you are doing to the next level? 


                Here's the sign. The time is now.


                Creating video content that leverages your time and accelerates your visibility is one of the quickest ways for your audience to identify you as their solution, and create the roadmap to time freedom for you. 

                Imagine what life looks life when what you have wanted to create in your business happens, you are able to reach more people, and free up more time - how different will life be? 

                Creating video content with a video marketing strategy that helps to fuel your brand will take you and your business to the next level.

                There Are 3 Package Options To Meet You Where You Are

                            NEXT PROGRAM STARTS ON JULY 6TH 2020         


                Option 1 

                Self Study Package

                Learn how to create video content in my best-selling online program!  This option is best for the do-it yourself entrepreneur who is most comfortable learning at your own pace.

                  Option 2 

                  Group Coaching Package

                  Want some hand-holding, daily guidance, coaching and to be part of community as you grow?  This option is for the expert who likes to have a community and coach-led experience, and wants to kept accountable and fully supported through the process.

                    Option 3 

                    One Day Content Creation with Brandi Package

                    Content Day with Brandi - Get your entire video content plan created in one day with Brandi. From there you can choose to film it yourself or hire Brandi.


                    Done For You Video Production Services - Tailored video content creation services produced by Brandi through KORIS Media for your business.

                    Not Sure which option is for you or want to chat about our Production or Training options? Contact Us

                    Schedule a call with us! 

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