a 7 - week virtual experience to create your

transformational 6+ figure course from your brand.



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Why NOW is the Perfect Time to Create Your Own Course  


Because "She works hard for the money", is played out.  


But what's in? Transferring what you know and are passionate about into your own signature online course that will allow you to make money anywhere - on autopilot. Your course can provide a residual source of revenue, and an unlimited stream of “mailbox money” as my Dad used to say - sales that arrive in your inbox.


You can generate six figures doing less, not more. 


You can create a six figure income from your online course in a year, in a quarter, or in a month. It's all in the numbers. Just 100 people a year purchasing a $997 course will generate 6-figures of revenue. That’s 25 people per quarter,  less than nine people a month, less than 3 people a week.




You can duplicate yourself

and message and reclaim your time.

You can enjoy time-freedom to focus on creating moments in your life with those you love by creating an online course that leverages what you are already teaching or doing and scales your one-on-one results to group results. This will allow you to make great impact with more people, in less time.


Create focused intention on your course, marketing directly to your people.

Create your course, then rinse and repeat! When you are clear on your course results and who it's for, then everything becomes so simple. You know exactly what you are doing each month to market your course, and can create predictable results for your students and predictable income. EVERYONE is opting to learn multiple, diverse topics online now, the timing is perfect.  

If you're an expert, consultant, coach, author, service provider, or entrepreneur, and want to increase your revenue by packaging your expertise into an online profitable course, I would like to invite you to join us in LEVERAGE & LEGACY. 

Meet Your Coach & Mentor 


The Brand Producer, Founder Produce Your Own Brand, President KORIS Media, 4X Author & Filmmaker

Brandi is the “secret sauce” that the top players in the entertainment, speaking, corporate, and entrepreneurial arenas choose when they are looking to reinvent themselves, polish their presence, up level their credibility, and monetize their platform.


Through her media company KORIS Media, she develops and packages projects that tell motivational personal and business stories to targeted audiences, creates engaging content for brands, and consults on strategic branding and digital marketing to increase online influence. Brandi is the author of 4 books, a film, and is a sought after speaker. 


Brandi earned a degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University and is a veteran of the TV and film industry as a celebrity makeup and hair artist, Brandi has worked on shows for TLC, TBS, BET, MTV, and TV ONE. She has been a speaker or featured on CBS, FOX, The Michael Baisden Show, The Tom Joyner Foundation, and Rolling Out Magazine.


Hi, I'm Brandi ...


Throughout my career, I've worked with many of the most recognized brands and thought leaders in the world as a consultant and coach in a very intimate space - showing them how to elevate their brand and position themselves through packaging their expertise in courses and marketing themselves through video content.



I’ve also held the very trusted space of maintaining the images of some of the most dynamic entertainers in the world. I’ve seen first hand what it takes to connect with people through a lens, and I know stars when I see them. I love working with dynamic leaders and what I call my everyday celebrities who have a great message or product that’s meant to impact the world, and who just need the right producer to help them own their spotlight. 



I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t.

My journey began with this nagging feeling that I need to shift in my career.


I was at the height of my career as a celebrity makeup and hair artist, and traveling every week to consult with all kinds of diverse clients as well as consulting for cosmetic powerhouse L'oreal. In fact, I remember the exact moment when "that feeling" of needed change became undeniable, because I had just finished some dates on Beyonce's tour while she was a spokesperson for the company.


On the outside, it looked very glamorous. I was flying all over working with some of the best known celebs in the world. People would say, “that's amazing that you get to do the red carpets and the shows…”


..and it was.. until it wasn't.

I had met the man of my dreams and started a family. 


Every week, I would get on a plane and leave them for days. 


I had an amazing young son at home.


One day while driving, a plane soared across the sky, and my Son with excitement said "look, someone's going to do someone's makeup".


And I felt like I had been gut punched.


That moment, right there, I knew I had to make some changes.


I was done.


While out of town consulting on a 6 week tour, it all came to a breaking point.


I went to call my Son to sing him goodnight while on a break, and I noticed a little boy about the same age as my Son with his Mom, eating cotton candy, and having the time of his life while I was on the phone talking to my son.


I knew I was out of alignment.


It was on that trip that I decided that I had to reinvent the way I did business.

To create a business I would love, I realized that I had to shift how I was working and who I was working with. I had to transition from freelance artist to CEO and transfer my knowledge in other ways. 


After I completed the tour I made my first online course that was a series of videos I was using to teach a group of customers how to get a result from a product I was endorsing. Social media as we know it, had just took over the internet, and I thought, ' Hmm, what if I used this series of video ( I was yet to understand it was a course) on social media to share my experience and journey with this product? I could talk to a lot of people at one time!


Made sense to me.

I will never forget the excitement I felt imagining "what could happen" if this actually worked. While I didn't understand the magnitude of that moment, I did know that sharing my expertise in a way it could reach the masses would become my ticket to live the life I wanted.

I posted my first video, connected a sales link to it, and launched it on Youtube with no subscribers, and on Facebook to chosen people on my friends list..

Then something amazing happened..


Sale, after sale came in. 

I started counting the sales and realized I had just replaced what I was making as a freelance artist in a few months off of the crazy idea of making videos that were actually teaching people across the globe and using social media to find clients. 

I finally felt in control of my life and in alignment with my family and spirit, and that was JUST the beginning.


Next, I  created a full online course. And in that first year, the course generated six figures of new revenue for me.


It was game-changing, and the best thing is I was able to be present with my family in all of the amazing moments that really mattered most to me while still impacting and serving people through my course.


My life had just changed forever . . .

That one course became the catalyst to build my entire business.



But I will say this, it's not just about throwing a gang of videos up and "labeling" it a course and selling it for 37 bucks...


This is where LEGACY comes in. What do you want to be known for? 


+ There is a big difference between documenting your zone of genius into a step-by-step system, and creating something for a quick hit. Successful courses  are all about the student achieving results, and being able to position your course to provide those results in the most simplistic way.  Because you are an expert at what you do, I'm sure it means something to you to help others win. And those are the kinds of people we love helping because we know your name and what you do means something - it's valuable, it's what you take pride in doing.

+ There are a lot of people that attempt to make a course,  but they are spending too much time to produce it, or they become overwhelmed with the process.  By now many people know they need to create some form of online course and online income, but because they don't truly understand how to make the course yield the results, and have a system for creating the course easily, they are not seeing the results they desire and they waste a lot of time. We want to change that, we're talking about getting your course to market in 30 days or less.




Focuses on a very specific solution

Delivers a simple system

Provides tools that make 

implementation easier

Equips clients to produce desired results


This is for you if....

You want to make the work you've done, work FOR you.

You want to create an online business that's automated.

You are ready to work smarter, not harder.

Your are ready to earn more doing less.

You want freedom. 

You want to become unstuck.

You are ready.


Introducing . . .



a 7 - week virtual experience to create your transformational course

LEVERAGE & LEGACY is offered in 7 learning modules with the option to upgrade to coaching. Each content-rich module is released weekly over 7 weeks. The modules includes video, exercises, worksheets, downloadable tools, and encourages real-time implementation so that you are literally building your course with each module. 

During 7 weeks you will learn:

  • 7 Video Modules

    Content rich, step-by-step training with your own producer and director, The Brand Producer Brandi Mitchell.

  • Checklists, Worksheets 
    & Templates

    For you to implement and execute what you learn.

  • Course Content Planning Template

    Our signature way of visually seeing and planning your content to produce stellar courses.

  • Upgrade! The opportunity to have extra help creating your course through our Small Group Coaching experience. 

    Enjoy, engage and connect directly with Brandi and others, and get feedback on your course.

MODULE #1 Get it Right Out the Gate! 

How to Create the Right Course Idea, For the Right People, Providing the Right Solution


Many people fail before they even launch because they don't have clarity, but that won't be you! Instead, in this module, you will learn how to easily discover the right idea and identify the right audience so that you can deliver your expertise in a way that your ideal students will love. 


You Will Learn:


How to standout to your audience through creating a course based on your zone of genius, experiences, passions, and talents to define a brand in the online space.


How to narrow your audience so that your marketing and course speaks directly to them.


How to determine your laser focus so that you are not overwhelmed with too many ideas and too much content to organize. 


Tips of things you can do before you create to be sure your course idea will be a hit.


MODULE #2 Create Your Leveraged Money Plan:

How to Choose the Right Business Model and Pricing So That You Create a Business  (not a Job) You Can Do Anywhere, and That Works For You 

Many people wait until they have created their course to think about pricing, but not here. Instead, we will work with you to establish your yearly financial goals and reverse engineer your course and offers to achieve your goals. We will show you an easy way to tier out your course to serve your audience in various ways - all from the same course. 


You Will Learn:


How to price and deliver your programs and shift out of the trading time for dollars model and into the mindset of owning your value.


How to create a one year revenue plan for your course using the Course Profit Pyramid tool.


How to take your course and easily create a 3-tiered offer model that will multiply your efforts without you having to run to get more students.


How to trim the number of days worked each month, freeing your time and increasing your happiness.

MODULE #3 Defining Your Method: 

How to Outline Your Course Fast and Make it Your Signature Method 

In this module you will learn how to package what you do into steps that will be your signature course. It could come from one-on-work you currently do, or be a way that you have done things that generates amazing results, but you may have never stopped and documented what those steps are. In this module, we will work through defining your process that will become your course. 


You Will Learn:


How to create your course by reverse engineering the results you want your students to have.


Just the right amount of content to put in the course so you stay out of overwhelm yet deliver a premium experience.


How to put the student's need first and recognize how you can take them from where they are to where they want to be by the end of the course.


MODULE#4 Build Your Course Outline Today, Start Selling Tomorrow: 

How to Get Your Complete Course Outlined and Finished Fast

Next you will learn a process I use to produce content visually that has turned into courses, books, and films - content storyboarding. This simple yet powerful process will allow you be able to create your course in no time, and provide a system in which you can know that your students will both learn and be engaged to complete and implement each step. You will also learn how to create tools to further help them get a full learning experience.


You Will Learn:


A rhythm and process to perform in each module so that you can easily create the content and so that the content can yield maximum results for your student.


How to laser-focus in on what they really need to know versus overcrowding the course so that you can get them to do the work and complete the course.


Create useful tools that your students will appreciate and that will help them get results quicker. Students love when you have what they need already figured out for them. Tools also create engagement which is so needed in online learning.


MODULE #5 Produce Your Course:

How to Create and Record Your Course Quickly and Without Alot of Fuss 

While I produce and direct full out productions of my own and my clients through my media company, I'm not going to tell you to go buy some fancy smancy equipment to record your course! Instead, I'm going to use this skillset to show you how you can record your course easily with what you have - your computer, your phone camera, and other simple tricks. My goal is to get your course done and producing income! 


You Will Learn:


The different options to get your course recorded so that you can decide which one you will use. 


How to deliver your course in a way that sparks engagement and makes you memorable.


Worksheets, checklists, and templates to help your planning be most effective and your recording easier.


Tools you can use in your recordings to uplevel your course design.



MODULE #6 Upload Your Course For Download:

How to Get Your Course Up and Selling with Ease

We've got your course outlined, created, and recorded, now it's time to choose how you want to deliver it to your students. In this module, I'll walk you through your options of using online platforms to host your course, and I'll show you how simple it can be. So even if you feel you are "tech challenged" , I'll show you how you can have your entire course uploaded and ready to go in a few hours.


You Will Learn:


What to look for in a hosting platform and how to choose the right one for what you want to accomplish.


How to deliver your course immediately offline if you want to start with a small group of students or with existing clients.


How to save time and frustration by organizing your course for uploading. 


MODULE #7  Sell & Launch Your Course:

How to Attract and Enroll Students into Your Course 

Ready, Set, Launch! In this module you will learn both how to launch with an intimate group and with a larger scaled launch. The way you choose will be contingent on what your business and financial needs are. Either way, we will show you how you can take the financial goals you created earlier in the class and plug them into your launch to move through your revenue goals for the year through filling your programs.


You Will Learn:


How to launch through our checklists and promo plans that work whether your focus is to launch your course via social media, email lists, or existing clients.


How to prepare for the launch and a timeline with itemized steps (this will save you ALOT of time)


The 3 pages you need to create online to launch your course and how to do it without the overwhelm.


Plus, $3000  In Bonuses!

In addition you will receive:

DELIVER YOUR BRANDED SPEECH with our Speaking/Presentation Outline Training​

 Value: $997 


Done-for-You Speaking/Presentation outline, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a signature talk based on your brand and signature system and - all Done-for-You!

ENROLL MORE CLIENTS with our Done-For-You Discovery Session Content Outline 

 Value: $997 


This is content you'll use to make your complimentary discovery or strategy sessions to convert more prospective clients into paying clients without over delivering or giving away free content and coaching.


 Value: $997 


VIP Days provide amazing right now cash to your business even without a big list or even a website, and I provide you with a Done-for-You VIP Day outline, showing you step-by-step, how to confidently deliver a VIP Day with your new course content (includes both virtual and live VIP Day outlines, all Done-for-You.)




Choose what works best for you from self-study, group, to a one day course creation day with Brandi.

Option 1 

Self Study Package

Learn how to create your course in my best-selling online program!  This option is best for the do-it yourself entrepreneur who is most comfortable learning at your own pace.

Option 2 




    • Leverage & Legacy Course PLUS


  • Course Creation Intensive

    A half day with Brandi (virtually) where you will create your entire course outline including pricing. By the time you finish the course creation lab, you will be equipped to be able to sell your course and know confidently what to charge. 

Coaching Package

12 Week Intensive

(by application) 


Want some hand-holding, weekly guidance, coaching and to be part of community as you grow?  This option is for the expert who would benefit from a coach-led experience, and wants to be kept accountable and fully supported through the process. This very intimate experience will allow you to work one-on-one with Brandi as well as include a Course Creation VIP Day (Virtual) where you will be able to create your course with Brandi in a day. 


Option 3 

Private VIP Course Creation Day with Brandi Package

Not Sure which option is for you or want to chat about our Production or Training options? Contact Us

Schedule a call with us! 

Now is the time for you to create your own economy. It's time for you to give yourself the greenlight and get paid well for your expertise!​

Have you been waiting for everything to align to create your course?


I've come to know one thing for sure - there's never a "perfect" time to do anything, but there's always a way to miss a moment and procrastinate. 


Here's what I want to assure you: you don't have to wait for everything to be perfect to begin to see major shifts in your business and draw your ideal clients. You just have to say "yes" to more AND START. 


Here's that sign you've been looking for. I hope you'll join us!